Bag your drink?


Aluminum can vs. plastic bag: which is the more environmentally benign of the two?  The answer varies depending on the amount of recycled content, whether the material gets recycled after usage, etc.  But Coca Cola has decided on the bag, as it has recently announced that it will be changing the look of how coke gets bottled in some countries very soon.

In many South East Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, and in South American countries such as El Salavador, drinks are often served in plastic bags.  Coke is no exception. Therefore, Coca Cola aims to be environmentally friendly with its packaging, via a new Coca Cola bottle-shaped biodegradable plastic bag.  Wonder if this might be the trend for other beverage brands owned by Coca Cola, and its industry peers?

The iconic Coca Cola bottle, around since 1894, will be missed.  Who knows – collectors of limited edition coke bottles may even find that their collections jump in value in years to come!

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