Government Support

The Hong Kong Cleanup is proud to work with the Hong Kong Government’s Interdepartmental Working Group on Clean Shorelines (, and to acknowledge the ongoing support of the following government departments, among others: Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department; Education Bureau; Environment Bureau; Environmental Protection Department; Food and Environmental Hygiene Department; Leisure and Cultural Services Department; Marine Department; and Drainage Services Department.


“The cleanup and public education efforts by Hong Kong Cleanup over the past 16 years have succeeded in mobilising an increasing number of volunteers to clean up coastal areas, as well as hiking trails, country parks, and even schools and offices. This does not just help keep our city clean but is important in reminding everyone the need to reduce waste at the source. I wish Hong Kong Cleanup success in achieving its goal to engage 5% of Hong Kong population soon.  We all have a role in keeping Hong Kong clean and green. Let’s act now!”

– Wong Kam-sing, Hong Kong Secretary for the Environment

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