A Word From Our Goodwill Ambassadors

AM 1

People around the world, in association with great organizations both big and small, are cleaning up our oceans one piece of trash at a time. But we can’t rely on these wonderful groups to do all of the work. The solutions are not only about reacting to the problem. We need prevention. And I hope you’ll start today. Because an individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change. Together, we can clean up our ocean…for our children, and their children.

– Jack Johnson, Singer


AM 2“The Hong Kong Cleanup is a great showcase of Hong Kong’s strong spirit of community and collaboration, and what a positive effect it has on the environment when we all work together.  I’m so excited to be a part of such an important movement and am proud of the amazing achievements of this year’s community actions – over 4.6 million kg of trash removed from our environment, wow! Well done on your highly successful 15th year!”

– Daniel Wu, actor and director


AM3“I am so happy to see the increasing number of corporations, schools, NGOs, government departments and community groups who are standing up for our environment and getting hands-on about it, through activities like beach and trail cleanups. With over 75,000 people taking an active role in cleaning up Hong Kong this year, I am confident that awareness about the importance of waste reduction will continue to spread. Thank you to all those who volunteered this year, and to Hong Kong Cleanup for making it possible. This kind of initiative gives me hope for the future!”

– Lisa Selesner-Wu, TV presenter, model 


AM 4“We are proud to be ambassadors for the Hong Kong Cleanup, it’s a cause close to our hearts as nature lovers. This year we were thrilled to take part in a Country Cleanup Challenge, as well as help present the 2015 awards to winning volunteer teams. The best thing about presenting the awards was seeing how motivated the teams were to tackle the issue of marine debris and inspire other members of their organizations to do the same. We love being a part of something that engages our community and makes a tangible difference to environment.”

– Jocelyn and Anthony Sandstrom, Actors, models


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